Costumes: Dodecanese - Rhodes

The woman's costume consists of a hand woven white cotton chemise, embroidered with light-colored threads at the hem line. A black cotton or silk-finished dress is worn over the chemise. The dress is fitted at the bosom, but pleated and free-flowing at the skirt. The skirt is decorated with rows of bright green, yellow and red ribbons. A hand woven, dark maroon sash is tied around the waist. The head scarf, either blue, green or red brocade, is folded into a triangle shape and tied around the head in such an intricate manner that the shape of a rose appears at the side of the head. The women purchased these scarves in the Agora from Carpatheans. Beneath the scarf a small cotton cap is worn. The leather boots are of an unusual construction; two colors are used: the bottom half of the boot is beige and the upper part is black. Originally, the boots were embroidered, later, however, colored threads were used instead within the seams. Rows of gold coins may be hung from the shoulders down to the knees for a bride to show her dowry.