Costumes: Dodecanese - Kastellorizo

Setting sail from their small dry island, the wealthy sea captains, merchants and sailors of the island of Kastellorizo were able to reach all the Mediterranean ports. Their return home was marked by many expensive gifts they brought their wives. When worn, these gifts would serve as sign of their wealth. Their jewelry consisted of bracelets which often reached up to their elbows. Most of the women also wore 2-3 rings on each finger. In order to show them, they would cross their hands in front of their chest. Thus we find, on this small island, an impressive costume, rich in decorations which were worn from the day of the engagement until the woman's senior years, during celebrations and daily activities. The costume served as a statement that even if they became old they were rich enough to have another one made.

The kondovratsi, a kind of short bloomers, is gathered at the waist by the vrakozoni and ends below the knees. The opening of the white chemise is secured with buckles, the so- called voukles, usually six in number. The kavadi orchrysos sakkos is a kind of dress open down the front. A sash, the zooms, is draped around the hips. The costume includes the gouna, a costly overcoat, trimmed with fur, or the kondochi, a similar, but shorter version of it. We present both versions. the head-dress consists of a small cap, the raxini, which is encircled by the band-like tsaki. Both are covered by the krepi, a large silk shawl of Chinese or Spanish make.

Ioanna Papantoniou