Costumes: Epirus - Pogoni

The region of Pogoni is spread over valleys and plateaus in the northern part of Epiros, beyond ancient Dodoni, extending as far an imaginary line separating it from the villages of Dropoli. The infertile cornfields and vineyards obliged the men of the area to seek their fortune elsewhere, some finding work and others left to their own devices, the women worked the fields and vineyards.

The same outfit, with one or two variations, was worn in thirty villages. The costume of Pogoni is composed of the following pieces: the undershirt, chemise, a good coat made of wool from Constantinople or an everyday one, jacket, the pesili of the bride, extra sleeves, belt, mantel with the sleeves, apron, kerchief for the waist of the bride, stockings, knee socks, shoes. The everyday and festival headdress is the obola. The bridal headdress consists of a silk kerchief or red fez, silk tassels, added hair, a white, silk kerchief, a fine red kerchief. Rich ornaments complete the headdress: an ornament of the forehead, earrings, silver ornaments for the top of the head and chains with coins. Ornaments of the costume are buttons, a chest ornament, buckle, dickey, bracelets and rings.

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