Costumes: Epirus - Metsovo

Metsovo was inhabited by Vlachs, who originated from an area known to us today as Romania. The Vlachs were a nomadic tribe, that moved slowly to the south. Upon reaching the Metsovo area, they ceased their wandering and decided to settle there.

The costume shown here is similar to the costumes worn in the Zagori and Konitsa regions of Epirus and was also worn as a bridal costume or on other special occasions. The costume consists of a long dress made of oriental silk. Rich velvet fabric is cut out in a floral-like pattern and applied to the hem of the dress, revealing the silk fabric beneath it. This western style of dress included a dark-colored apron, hand-embroidered with colored silk thread along the bottom hem line. The overcoat, the flokata, unlike its western counterpart, was originally patterned after a "villager's" overcoat. In present day, it is narrower and of a more elegant design, truly complementing the dress beneath it. The woman's hair is braided and covered with a silk scarf, originally tied at the back. Today the scarf is tied over the head. A silver filigree belt is worn around the waist. Rows of gold coins adorn the bosom. Hand-knit, white, wool stockings and flat-laced shoes of black leather are also worn.

Ioanna Papantoniou