Costumes: Ionian Islands - Corfu - Lefkimmi

Corfu (Kerkyra) is the northern-most of the Ionian Islands, the island of the Phaeacians. Although a half-way station between Italy and Greece, it was influenced by the village-style of costume of the neighboring mainland rather than the urban dress, as was the case with smaller centers in the rest of Greece. However, the headpiece shows some relationship with the headpieces of the Medieval age.

The white chemise and the white petticoat serve as under-garments. The outer skirt was most of the time fashioned of taffeta. the front of the bust is covered by the boustina, a white embroidered dickey. The waist is girded by thechrysozonior chrysokimero, which was partly covered by a small sleeveless waistcoat, the tzipouni, held in place with false gold buttons. The bridal apron, the velenia, is made of either silk fabric or of tulle ornamented with multicolored trimmings. The costume includes a sleeved jacket, the peseli or kremezo. The ornate bridal head-dress, known as stolos or yadema, is largely based on the coiffure: the hair is arranged in a kind of crown, coiled around four tube- like hair-pads, which are wrapped in red ribbons.

Ioanna Papantoniou
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