Costumes: Macedonia - Florina - Aghia Paraskevi

The women's costume of Aghia Paraskevi is similar in style to the costumes of the surrounding villages. The white chemise is hand spun and woven from cotton, embroidered with a fine woolen thread around the hem line. Two heavier panels are added to the bottom of the back side only. The front of the chemise is open to just above the waistline revealing the dickey (or bib). The dickey is bordered by a simple piece of floral-patterned cotton and tied around the neck. The sleeveless overcoat is worn over the chemise and dickey. The overcoat, black in color, was white prior to the 1920's. However, there was a period of time where both colors were used. The cord-work on the overcoat is made with yellow and red threads. It is a very simple design, but because of the colors it is very appealing. The apron is a woven masterpiece. The pattern design is very complicated and is woven with red, yellow and black threads. The edges are adorned with ribbons and coins. The pattern design of the hand-knit leggings is also very complicated and is made using the same color scheme as the apron. The plain white scarf is folded in a triangle shape. The corner hangs down the back to just beneath the waistline, and is trimmed with coins and long fringes, embroidered with woolen or silk threads.