Costumes: Macedonia - Alona

The male costume of Alona is similar to the male costume found in both Akritas and Psaradhes. Generally, this costume style, with some variations made to it, is found throughout the region of Florina, Western Macedonia.

The cotton undershirt hangs to just above the knee and is embroidered around the collar. Beneath the undershirt, unattached sleeves cover the forearm, and may also be embroidered if so desired. A sleeveless, black, woolen overcoat, the kiourdia, is also worn but not in the summer months.

In Alona, as in the other areas of Macedonia, the old red hat or fesi has been replaced by a black toque of astrakhan or plush, the kape.

This costume has served as model for the uniform of the Macedonian Fighters.